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American Concealed Hidden Gun Bookcase

American Concealed Hidden Gun Bookcase


  • Two Keys, one disguised as a matching cross. 

  • Four adjustable shelves.

  • Dimensions:  69 1/2"H x 48"W x 17"D​​​​​​​

  • Additional Information

    Adding to our ever growing line of premium concealed gun furniture, we are proud to present the versatile hidden gun storage bookshelf. Featuring our patent pending design, each side of the bookcase slides out, allowing for quick and easy storage or retrieval. Spruce up an office with our bookshelf and never be far away from your protection, all while admiring the custom look and quality that go into each one of our products.

    With your new concealed firearm bookshelf, you will be able to store up to eight rifles or shotguns, plus four pistols, all with the provided Velcro straps and holsters that come with each bookcase. And as with all our products, each side locks using our unique steel pin locking system, which you can quickly unlock with the provided magnet key-chain or cross. Each bookshelf will also come with four adjustable shelves, allowing you the freedom to fully customize how it looks.

    Bring home a beautiful piece of custom furniture that not only looks amazing, but will help to safely and securely store your guns.


American Concealed Hidden Gun Bookcase