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  • Alright I'm interested. How do I install it?
    The brief answer is this: For each of our cabinets, you will need a stud finder first and foremost. Since all of our cabinets are designed around the 16" on center studs found in most houses, you will need to find the studs in the area of the house you want to install it. If you are installing one of our shelves, line up the inner cabinet with the studs and drill into them with the provided screws. If it is a picture frame or mirror, you will need to cut out the sheet rock of the wall and again, drill into the studs with the screws and pre-drilled holes in the cabinets. Each of our products come with instructions and we have even provided step-by-step instructional videos as well, which you can view here:
  • Do you install it for me?
    We do not. We recommend you contact a local handyman, carpenter or friend who owes you a favor.
  • So I have to cut out my wall?
    Yes. To give the look of a picture frame or mirror hanging on the wall and still be able to store items, you will need to cut into the dry wall and drill into your studs.
  • But I'm renting my current will this work?
    You are in luck! The American Concealed Furniture Floating Shelves only require that you drill into the studs of your home. This is allowed in most apartments and is easy to fill in when you move out. However, American Concealed Furniture does not take responsibility for the installation of the product or any damage done to a home during said installation. So get it right the first time, and confirm your options with your landlord before purchasing.
  • How do I change the direction that the picture frame slides out?
    The picture frames are reversible, allowing them to slide out either to the left or right. Be sure the frame is installed in your preferred direction.
  • Does it lock?
  • So how exactly does it lock then?
    Glad you asked. Each Willa-Hide product boasts a patented locking system. A steel pin drops into brass fittings, generally resting a few inches deep into the cabinet. Once the steel pin is in, it prevents the cabinets from sliding open. You will not have to worry about the lock "jiggling" or anything else that may give away what your cabinet is hiding. With the steel pin in place, the cabinets are firmly and tightly sealed, maintaining the illusion of your home decor. When you are ready to unlock it, use the rare earth magnet key-chain provided with your cabinet to draw out the steel pin.
  • The key is a magnet? Does that mean anyone can open it?
    There are many reasons that not just anyone can open a American Concealed Furniture cabinet. First off, our magnetic keys are very strong, much stronger than anything you can buy at the store. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, someone would need to know what your American Concealed Furniture hidden cabinet is to begin with. By its very nature, your American Concealed Furniture cabinet will be secure due to it doing what it does best; being a great looking piece of home decor.
  • I really want this particular look and style? Can you work with me? I'll pay you extra.
    Depending on the wants and needs of a particular request, we may offer quotes on a case by case basis. This is generally reserved for large orders and home designers. Please contact us if you fall into one of those categories.
  • Can I sell these in my store?
    You can actually. American Concealed Furniture is growing at an exponential rate and we are always looking for retailers to help meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us to request more information.
  • I don't own a gun, can I purchase a hidden cabinet without the gun accessories?"
    Of course! The picture frames, for example, have an option to come without gun accessories, which provides you with additional adjustable shelves.
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