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American Concealed Hidden Gun Chest of Drawers

American Concealed Hidden Gun Chest of Drawers

  • Made from Plywood and Hardwood, no MDF or Particle board.
  • Two dowel Keys.
  • Holds Up To 12 Rifles Or Shotguns and Eight Pistols.
  • Dimensions: 44 3/4" wide x 19" deep x 69 1/2" tall
  • Four Velcro Pistol Holsters and Twelve Velcro Rifle Straps.

  • The pictures show our Chest of Drawers upgraded with Jewlery storage. If you want to add Jewlery storage contact us.

  • Additional Information

    Easily our most robust offering to date, our chest of drawers not only shows off stellar design and craftsmanship, but boasts our largest hidden gun storage option. Part of our new line of hidden furniture products, our hidden gun drawers will draw the eye without revealing any secrets.

    On its own, the chest of drawers would be a great fit for any home, offering six drawers for standard storage. But it wouldn't be an American Concealed Furniture product without our secret gun cabinets. Each side of the drawers slides away to reveal the hidden areas and when closed, blend in seamlessly with the cabinet.

    As always, the hidden storage gun cabinet uses our unique steel pin locking system, which can only be unlocked with the provided rare earth magnet key or matching wooden cross. When fully closed, it is virtually indistinguishable from any other piece of furniture. Be prepared, be safe and enjoy your American Concealed Furniture chest of drawers.


American Concealed Hidden Gun Chest of Drawers