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American Concealed Hidden Picture Frame

American Concealed Hidden Picture Frame


  • Available In Firearm or Casual Setup (Jewelry Hooks)
  •  Comes With Two Velcro Pistol Holsters and One Adjustable Shelf
  •  Available In Rustic or Classic Style.
  •   Hidden Lock Keeps Guns Secure. Keep It Locked During The Day, Unlocked At Night For Quick Access.


  • Additional Information

    The American Concealed Furniture Hidden Memories picture frame brings home decor and security into a single, distinct package. Featuring a 16X20 frame, it is the perfect solution for showing off the family photo while also keeping your firearms and valuables safe and away from prying eyes. Each cabinet comes with a 14 gauge steel backing located behind the glass and picture. This ensures that even if the glass were to break, your guns will still be safe. Combine that with our unique steel pin locking system and you can tell that security is American Concealed Furniture’s top priority.

    Don’t have any pictures you want to use? No worries, we have a mirror option available as well. Not wanting to exclude anyone, American Concealed Furniture will provide you with a non-firearm option instead. This will come with adjustable shelves, which include jewelry hooks and holders.

    Choose between our several color and style options and please e-mail or call with any questions you may have.


American Concealed Hidden Picture Frame